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The progenitive technology of porgy of Malawi lake kind

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The progenitive action that fights porgy of kind of the lake that depend on noise made in coughing or vomiting to adopt much posture more unlike calm, or lay eggs the arenaceous qualitative platform that is like crater at shape, or lay eggs between the reverse side of Yu Yan stone and spiral shell; Almost porgy of all Malawi lake kind are the mouth broods model phyletic. Actually if know the modes of life and relation to their environment of Malawi lake deep, understand porgy of this group of kind not hard why to want to adopt this to plant special however extremely the progenitive means of physical power of mind of give a lot of care!

In light of the perpendicular deepness with Malawi lake, it is adjacent no matter the shallow water place of cliff piece and brushwood, also or the cliff field environment that is wall of densely covered complex and perpendicular rock, because lake face wind-force sways the effect that sees with collapse of the rock in water, so widespread presence wears whole Malawi in lake lake water the turbidity that comparative; Although this kind of turbidity can avoid to make many body suffer the enroach on that sweeps past the person that feed, but the water plant that allows a vision to have the turbidity of feeling worry also causes a lake to see bitter fleabane break out is exhibited hard inside the country however, righter breed caused greatest effect. Because of this kind porgy to Malawi lake character, gorgeous body scenery is quite necessary, because be like this only, ability can be below the condition that turbidity of times water getting a lake affects the vision, achieve the function of look for spouse.

Wear to be full of everywhere however the lake region of sort of mixed kind porgy, breed is not however is one pair is planted the thing between the fish, because be in complex lake inside the country, having too much and too much variable and risk, test is worn conjugate parent fish conveys an ability that receives era. What must face above all is the lake sweeps past the person that feed mixedly inside the country, arrive to often appear at the otter in environment of field of shallow water cliff greatly, small arrive to often plan momently the crab that wants play knife and fork kind, more miserable is to be in 4 times in unmanned night, still have only again nightly appear and disappear wantonly the Nian of lake of deep water of eel of Malawi lake perch of claw, face so send a divine mission that accepts era, these are even oneself life the kind porgy parent fish in in a short while sometimes, must cost greater mind to have the job of multiply offspring. In this explicit and progenitive process, parent fish still must decide egg bead or be the embryo in development won't get the harm of outside influence, because this is below numerous choice, close to the Malawi lake of total number kind porgy sort chooses a mouth to brood to be protected as the in order to in progenitive process young special characteristics, the female fish that makes style quality bleak contains egg with the mouth, and be far from the kind porgy of confusion get together fall, such not only the courtship interference that can avert male fish, suspend all photographing feeding behavior in the phase that the mouth broods at the same time, with benefit filial generation can complete and successful hatch.
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