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Technology of immortal fish breed

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Immortal fish, illustrious name Angel Fish, formal name Pterophyllum Scalare, belong to fish of division of Wu Ci porgy to provide representative fingerling quite. Fish of kind porgy division has a character, hit it off perfectly in the if not when breed namely natural conjugate does not bear next generation absolutely, and with respect to if name, they have the nature that takes care of next generation. However when reproduction extremely be fear of alarm, if be disturbed when conjugate is progenitive, what can produce the egg that eats off oneself or small fish is tragic, so, the environment that does not suffer outside force interference when fish of division of progenitive kind porgy to them character is very main. One, of sweethearts fish choose want progenitive immortal fish, job picks the parent fish of natural conjugate namely. If not his him door hits it off perfectly natural conjugate, and the way that is with the person is hard two fish " send make lot " , not only they wish hard like the person the ground bears next generation, and may happen " see two-phase be disgusted with " and seek killed state each other. Of sweethearts fish choose must spend a few time, can raise several female fish and male fish at the same time in an aquarium, and notice their behavior at any time; If discover two fish to often swim in couples, and lay off belongs to the sphere of influence at them, when force of the assemble when other fish is stood by or entering its sphere of influence drives away ab extra fish, can conclude probably these two fish already him conjugate is finished, can regard breed as use sweethearts fish. After deciding conjugate of two immortals fish is finished, in the progenitive chamfer that can move them to become independent, or it is will other not the fish of conjugate carries away, in order to avoid " small two " " newly-married mood " be disturbed by other fish, and the mood that affects them to bear next generation. 2, birth case serves as in preparation lay eggs the setting answers to lay eggs in used cistern canister, its action is to let parent fish can produce egg Wu Ji to go up. Have on market sell lay eggs canister, yi Keli uses hard plastic pipe, flowerpot to wait will replace, or it is the water plants with old lamina of kind of one individual plant, can substitute to lay eggs implement. If be not installed,lay eggs canister, they will get on egg conglutinate in the crock wall of aquarium. Parent fish can be in before production of their place make choice of lay eggs handle swept work, will lay eggs with the mouth the nasty thing on the canister keeps clear of. Observe the exterior of kind of fish carefully, if discover their reproductive aperture is highlighted outwards, what will produce namely is augural, about 2, 3 can produce in the day. Fish of the mother when laying eggs is met first egg conglutinate of a bead is laying eggs on the canister (agglutinant egg) , subsequently fair fish discharges seminal fluid on egg, the job of the insemination that finish. Next parent fish can be defended around oosperm, join forces takes care of oosperm. They can reach tail fin to drive current around oosperm with pectoral fin, reach newlier constantly with the current near milt egg contain oxygen, encounter the dead egg that has Bai Hua or ill egg they also meet themselves will carry. Lay eggs every time the amount is made an appointment with by 3, 400 are controlled to 1000, inspect parent fish to bodily form reachs healthy state and be decided. Oosperm is made an appointment with classics 2 to 3 days can hatch, the small fish abdomen of firm hatch contains yolk bag in order to provide the nourishment with small original fish, and, natant ability is very poor still. Right now force of parent fish assemble is guarded write small fish, have occasionally from group or the small fish parent fish that falls can be contained with the mouth will remand former. Wait for bursa of small fish yolk to be digested gradually, and the mouth can be photographed when feeding (make an appointment with hatch after a week to control) , can cast shrimp does not have section larva or feeding good year is other plankton expect as earlier bait. Need special attention a bit, be like in front be said, parent fish is looking when considering oosperm and small fish, forbidden outside force is disturbed! If once suffer,disturb stimulation, parent fish may eat off his oosperm or small fish, and cause this progenitive all one's previous efforts wasted. And can eat egg via happening or feed child parent fish general makes breed hard again, because they can eat off their oosperm or small fish again and again, and the value that loses breed to go up. 3, of small fish take care of small fish to be able to begin to cast in left and right sides of hatch a week feed plankton bait to expect, should notice water qualitative change changes those who reach enough oxygen to supply at any time right now, give right amount (a few much food) bait makings. Small fish with plankton feed a month is controlled, the exterior that has adult fish of general immortal fish, and can change slowly their feed bait, change the bait stuff that has for adult fish. So fine understand without being told is considered raise 5 to 6 months, it is mature that small fish can be brought up. 4, if stimulate and other note eats off oosperm or small fish to prevent parent fish to suffer, the after in egg be fertilized establishs Yi Ke to removed parent fish namely. Obtains oosperm Ying Yijia base blue or the medicaments such as peacock a green pigment made of malachite makes disinfection slightly, cause in order to prevent water mould or other bacteria. Disinfect the oosperm after to answer park contains oxygen to measure tall, water quality Yo broods in kosher hatch chamfer, yi Ke gives minim flow. Notice to carry the dead egg that goes be being changed in vain or the ill egg that are long water mildew at any time, in order to avoid the oosperm with other and healthy influence.
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