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The progenitive essentials of Egypt immortal fish

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Egypt immortal respecting should be raised very well already very difficult, should not say breed leaves generation more, that exceedingly difficult. General immortal has 牠 unlike inside a year method breed is successful, and state-owned parent discerns very easily again, successful rate is high. That is not tall difficulty. Respecting discerns state-owned parent, if you want to see the word of genital, say to look really to look not to come out. Normally we should watch the action of 牠 carefully, sex of district of the 〕 when oestrus of large and strong Egypt immortal 〔 is very strong, one have inbreak, 牠 can be driven in the past. Until intentional happy object, ability can behave the pose of courtship. Normally you have when buying juvenile, must buy sufficient 10 above, attentive raise big, about one year or so, ability can see this kind of case, 〔 suggests if you have fun at progenitive, do not buy the Egypt immortal of large remaining part, it is the price costly, 2 it is bad to catch look vulnerability, into come back to suit afresh even, face disease 〕 or raise as a child had compared greatly. Had better have affirmatory word 〔 very much see what laying the next time 〕 , prepare another crock of 60 X60X60 not to want too small, note problem of soft water quality, PH5 - 6, temperature 27 best. With big net 〔 general fishing is used but 〕 , must not hurt piscine fim, because can be frightened,pour a fish. Want to issue yellow medicine euqally into crock hind, suit slowly, the problem of makings of water quality problem, bait, problem that change water should note during a variety of, tell return telling is not so easy accomplish ideal. Effort can not do want breed, can breed offspring is in an Egypt immortal artificially at present after all home is know clearly is not had oneself, need relies on intentional player to hit Pan hard. 〔 hears foreign player record raises 3 years of above, just the opportunity sees 牠 is willing conjugate is progenitive, and also be transitory just 〕 hopes player having keep in mind tries hard together, often do not want to import what Egypt immortal, him compatriots also has method quantity to produce outcome just is!