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The origin of phoenix end short porgy and breed

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Apistogramma Cacatuoides of phoenix end short porgy Lin Lin of strain of fresh water tropical fish always, strain of avery kind of has it special absorbing beauty, also attracting different lover to use up lifetime force to collect have it. Tropical fish market of home is right kind porgy division (the tropical fish of Cichlid Family) does not feel unfamiliar, from inchoate and large in South-American kind porgy and immortal fish (Angel Fish) , the lake of African mainland produces kind porgy to arrive all the time the short porgy with lesser bodily form is familial (Dwarf Cichlids) , covered range special big, the stare tongue-tied making a person of strain. The new strain that discovers every year from country of origin also is absent a few, because Germany, Japan and Taiwan lover are numerous, because porgy of this kind of small-sized kind suits small-sized crock or aquatic to make scene jar extremely,raise again, so every time beautiful rare when new fish is discovered, total meeting brings to collect, progenitive tornado, create new strain one fish is begged hard, even if have a lot of money,see fragrant footprint hard also. At present the origin of market of short porgy tropical fish has roughly: Country of origin is feral collect, German exit and come from 3 kinds of courses such as breed of proper motion of Taiwan home native land fish farm. Origin is different, because often have what pass away the sham as the genuine, person is hype,disrelish again, also make value of market of domestic short porgy confused, this also is why short porgy market is decline all the time rotten one of depressed reasons. No matter the economic value of the market how many, the person that love a fish is not changed because of environment, price to piscine be fond of. The short porgy that is familiar with home relatively first today is familial come one by one covers.

Picture of phoenix end short porgy

Picture of phoenix end short porgy

1.The origin of phoenix end short porgy: The big mouth short porgy of the Amazon that this only main source distributings to reach Peruvian churchyard in the Colombia of South America, be opposite in inchoate aquatic animals bound phoenix end short porgy (the misunderstanding of Apistogramma Cactuoides) , all the time short porgy of this fish and gold (Apistogramma Borellii) confuse sth with sth else.

Begin to shine brilliantly to the ability after portion of name be affirminged all the time, what must depend on this fish color and exterior in detail more is different, and log onto a the following strain further:

(1) exceeds short porgy of Gong Feng end (Super Red)
(Short porgy of 2) Shuang Gongfeng end (Double Red)
(3) tangerine sail phoenix end short porgy (Gold Orange)
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