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Fry of 10 centimeters of the following arhat chooses a method

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Choose arhat fish to say those who carry 10 centimeters! Above all without giving thought to of what strain,

1 see type of build or figure, wide, trunk arrives 1:1 of end handle scaleIt is highest grade, as quite, height cannot be good fish,

2 sth. worth seeing or reading, general head, 10 centimeters can have seen, want a head to cross dorsal fin basilar had better,

3 see 3 fim, want smooth-going complete. Wide.

4 see operculum whether smooth-going is flawless.

5 see an eye have an injury, eye benevolence is fruity.

6 attentions see anus and reproductive opening, this is very crucial, had not bought anus that but bad.

The Mo Ban on 7 bodies and color, double now platoon is beautiful, belong to class A one continuous line to attribute B level. It is C class next, do not include special variety. Point to contain Mo Ban, color admires better more of course, systemic bead is nodded, gold-rimmed perhaps, of Baotou belong to A