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Bright and beautiful carp breeds -- the home is raised bright and beautiful the

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One, the requirement of bright and beautiful carp to surroundings is opposite like bright and beautiful carp and goldfish water the requirement of lukewarm, water quality is not strict, the water chaotic limits that bright and beautiful carp lives is 2-30 Celsius. Bright and beautiful carp is right although environmental suitability is strong, but have resistless water however lukewarm urgent the weakness that changes suddenly, if be raised for a long time artificially, water chaotic rises fall 2-3 Celsius vogue can be borne, when temperature drops or elevatory extent exceeds 2-3 Celsius, the fish falls ill easily, temperature rises fall when extent increases 7-8 Celsius, the fish is procumbent do not feed at benthic do not raise, if temperature mutation extent is again medium big, bright and beautiful carp can die instantly even, bright and beautiful carp is the most comfortable the water chaotic of the life is 20-25 Celsius, in the water of this kind of temperature, go from place to place of bright and beautiful carp is dynamic, appetite is exuberant, the constitution is hale, colourful, as a result of scientific progress, if can be used,chaotic is protected in conditional lover home implement adjust in winter and summer respectively with Leng Wenqi water is warm, control arrives optimum the water that bright and beautiful carp grows is warm, make the fish can have easy environment and grow rapid more ideal. Bright and beautiful carp is relied on in the life in water branchial the oxygen that absorbs dissolve Yu Shuizhong, send piscine body to counteract absorption food battalion nurturance to differentiation closes and produce energy oxygen in order to maintain life, whether there is enough oxygen in water so is the key that raises a fish, according to the result of research, the oxygen amount that every kilogram weight requires bright and beautiful carp hourly is 35 milligram when Celsius of water lukewarm 5-6 / litre, prove water Wen Yue is tall from this, oxygen demand is bigger. Bright and beautiful carp is comfortable still be in at the life small alkalescent, in the water quality environment with low hardness.

2, the feeding habits of bright and beautiful carp bright and beautiful carp is polyphagia, general mollusc, advanced hydrophyte fragment, the alga with petty down to of bottom dwell animal, it is its food. Because bright and beautiful carp expects to feeding accommodative range is wide, and very not strict also to the requirement of other living conditions, life force is so more powerful. Change as what piscine body grows and differ seasonally, photograph feed a circumstance also as change. Of carp of summertime bright and beautiful photograph feed intensity the biggest, do not take food almost completely to winter. The prelarva of firm hatch, food cardinal principle is wheel animalcule and small-sized branch part kind; The juvenile of 3 centimeters of above, criterion with benthon, jie of insect larva, shellfish, spiral shell and fragment of aquatic and advanced plant to feed. Bright and beautiful carp besides can feed deglutition besides, still can from food of the extract in pond bottom mud. The chin on bright and beautiful carp does not have tine, and often chew with the guttural tine that develop solid food.
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