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Bright and beautiful carp breeds -- the home raises bright and beautiful carp to

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(1) restrains the chroma of nitric acid. Want red can raise color, PH should promote 7.2~7.4. Feeding the busy season of bait, the chroma of nitric acid can rise, PH can drop, must notice the examination filters right now groove, clean precipitation chamfer, want to release ground water at least 1 times everyday, 2~3 second better, make won't all dissolve enters contamination and ammonia in circular water, more or less can restrain the chroma of nitric acid. Add new water even increase an amount, in addition, every months at least second birth 1 zeolite, restrain the chroma of nitric acid. Anyhow, the chroma that tries to restrain nitric acid is very important. Concentration of nitric acid salt is high, gules meeting fades, nitrite chroma rises can make whole red dish (red) disappear. When choosing juvenile, you can discover, a whitefish was not rectified after choosing for the first time, but whole whitefish discovered however when choosing the 2nd times, the reason is raised namely there is taller nitrite in water. Right now, you filter because of this examination system and filter material is normal, whether to need to clear etc.

(2) sun illuminate and dissolve oxygen.PH are normal, sunshine time is insufficient, dissolve oxygen volume is not high, also can affect raise color and burnish. Want to make the fish grows quickly, can maintain burnish and raise quality again, everyday sunshine quantity should be in 50% above. If can be achieved 70% , acid rain is not flowed into, PH maintains in 7.2~7.5, dissolve oxygen quantity has 7.5~7.8g/ stere in the hottest summer (won't make a mark, who can teach me next) , spring has 11g/ stere, autumn has 10g/ stere, do not feed raise lubricious feed namely so, red also is met character erubescent. Why sunshine time is long, dissolve oxygen volume is high, is red met character erubescent? Because oxygen can make red qualitative,this is agglutinate at skin, the relation of gules thicken of the surface. Additional, dissolve oxygen quantity approachs saturated point more, won't arise more inferior nitric acid, color is redder also.

(The color of 3) water and deal with method. When the color of water presents white, check ammonia first, inferior nitric acid and dissolve oxygen. If ammonia is tall when, increase new water amount at once, add swipe gas or eject. If inferior when nitric acid reachs dissolve oxygen bring down high, below the circumstance that is about to reducing many Chi Shui cross filter to be swept clean. The chroma of salt of the nitric acid when the color of water presents yellow is likely above of prep above 30mg/kg, be about instantly second birth zeolite. The color of water appears dark brown when, nitric acid salt has 80mg/kg above, nitrite also has 5mg/kg above, become right now year old of fish, no matter water is warm how many, the fish can contract branchial disease for certain, red disappears character. Increase new water infuse right now, rapid and attenuant Chi Shui, filtering zeolite is added in groove, handle Chi Shui. When the color of water presents green, day and night dissolve oxygen change is big, the fish has the risk that jumps out. Rise in the morning discover the fish gets hurt, because quantity of nightly dissolve oxygen decreases,often be, the fish feels uncomfortable frisk be caused by, because alga oxygen and carbon dioxide action are caused,reason should take care day and night dissolve oxygen is poor. Chi Shui changes green, because processing pool is dirty,be sometimes, ; of inadequacy of dissolve oxygen quantity or the rate because of processing are too rapid (current) , contamination do not be handled cause in circular place all the time however. Increasing the amount of pump up water of water pump at this moment also is one of methods that solve a problem.
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