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Of hematic parrot fish raise a method

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Hematic parrot, make a person love the fish that hates again again only really. She is raised easily, lovely, lively, droll exterior is pleasing, but be in a lot of idiosyncratic the lance before ranking while, taking flimsy respirator official again however, make only cover door. Below this congenital cover door, the crisis with what kind of under cover?

Key period feeds feed of the color that feed raise

Everybody knows the blood red that open system probably the origin of hematic parrot, be by red devil (Cichlasoma Synspilum) father and amaranthine blow hole (the first filial generation of earning of Cichlasoma Citrinellum) mother (F1) , but whether do you know each blood parrot depends on the mouth model, head back and style quality will distinguish, not was identical only unexpectedly! ! After seedling of little blood parrot is born, without the characteristic of any hematic parrot, resembling a bit instead is general in the kind porgy fingerling of South America. Pass those who make an appointment with 20 days to foster, the exterior of little blood parrot can transform slowly, head back muscle gradually apophysis, ply also begins to increase, style quality also by stripe black become ash slowly argent. Right now the red pigment inside hematic parrot body has begun to have the tendency that accumulates hyperplasia, but the quality of style of little blood parrot that makes an appointment with 3 centimeter right now is not red, make an appointment with 5 fair time-sharing in the 50 day, size after be born about, ability can show gules body scene. Proposal raise advocate here when with " raise lubricious feed " hello feed, not only can sufficient offer place of nutrition of little blood parrot to need, still can quicken hematic parrot as soon as possible to turn into fiery red. If did not get appropriate is taken care of,go up in nutrition in parrot of blood of this paragraph of time, style quality is done not have erubescent, also need not expect she has change " swan " a day, because be right now,decide her all one's life the important key of style quality period.

Hematic parrot another characteristic is all over the lovely modelling of round billow, but because he ate a lot of feed to just be caused,not be, want to foster so perfectly round and full blood parrot to should begin by two general orientation: It is enough food is offerred to offer its growth when small fry phase, the chooses to should take protein content to fluctuate at 32 ﹪ high protein feed that is feed secondly (general product outer packing all can make clear component) , such aux will be able to has hematic parrot circle to boil and about 1: The standard figure of 1! !

Water contains oxygen to measure insufficient blood parrot the first cries help the hematic parrot on common market is divided roughly for 3 class, it is respectively special class of class A, class A, B. Meet of course as grade different having different price difference, what the life of hematic parrot can be as long as 4 years to come 5 years is long, but hematic parrot of about 3 years old has been advanced age. The age according to parent fish is computative nevertheless, it is OK that we evaluate hematic parrot the life that has 10 years or so. 4, hematic parrot of 5 years about 15 to 20 centimeter, come as will be all sorts of symptoms with only anile fish. General fish anile symptom fades for style quality roughly, vertebra bends, scale falls off, mobile force is reduced etc, once these symptoms appear in hematic parrot, raise advocate should have let these droll and lovely blood parrot accompany a paragraph not to calculate short time. The fish is with travel of the oxygen in branchial ministry and water respiration is given priority to, but because hematic parrot is having a priori to breathe organic function to be short of,break, only half breathe an organ, the current that enters branchial ministry is decreased greatly, because this blood parrot is breathing a respect to compare other fish,plant more show hardship, once water is medium dissolve oxygen is insufficient, can the first feeling gets hematic parrot; Want to have enough oxygen that is to say, otherwise the hematic parrot in aquatic animals crock group people will a Say Goodbye. Although aerobic inadequacy, hematic parrot won't die entirely immediately, but she is right of the environment be able to bear or endure the resistance that gets force and virus reduces metropolis urgent hurriedly, the fish of a crock of ill Yan Yan, looked to also feel distressed.
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