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Of Egypt immortal fish raise environmental requirement

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Immortal of Egypt of choose and buy: The time of the first batch of entrances is in about it is good that the annual 67 ﹝ between the month hears the first batch of fish are compared raise, won't give problem ﹞, but average consumer is very difficult,buy, it is oneself buy fishmonger to want be favored with big, annulus not you. You are in house of piscine a group of things with common features to see not easily usually, the juvenile that see may arrive 9, just see after October, await you to may be about to notice in those days. The constitution of Egypt immortal juvenile of firm entrance is frail, often fall ill. Main reason is journey fatigued, environmental jam, anoxic pressure, still have because the fisherman of country of origin catchs a fish with poisonous fish kind,more serious is, more harm juvenile life. Be in so choose and buy when must must taking care very much just is, had better ask boss fish is that moment those who come in, watch the fish that watchs a flock of fish within to fall ill again the Egypt immortal with normal ﹝ won't shrink 鮨, and very gluttonous. A few little detail had better want very advertent, had better not buy the juvenile of firm entrance, suggest you are after week of just a little of aquaria replenish onr's stock, the fish is only stable begin gang, after foraging choose again carefully, had better buy sufficient 10 above, the meeting is better raise, after all Egypt immortal is gregarious fish. When raising a fish, want to notice the stretchy condition of dorsal fin, tail fin, anal fin exceedingly, break off or blemish, dorsal fin had better be to have a particularly senior flag post, whole looks color does not want too deep, occasionally style quality expresses too greatly to have the worm inside body, this kind of juvenile must not, still attitude and bodily form wait the key that is a consideration a moment, egypt immortal juvenile and general immortal juvenile use naked eye to come out with respect to OK and clear comparison. But mix another kind near, common says subspecies Egypt immortal has a bit trouble quite, characteristic of Egypt immortal exterior: According to German ichthyology tandem scale counts domestic account body is 41 → 47, number of scale of curve of dorsal fin lower part is 28 → 29, and the scale number of curve of anal fin upper part is 28 → 32. Nobody sees this I look so that understand, see dorsal fin, anal fin whether pointed and quite, kiss end has become warped quite, that ability is true Egypt immortal. Do not want oneself to raise big change subspecies, that is bad to played. < that produces this kind of situation before me, raise more jump over unlike, the dead of real energy of life > each player should take care just is.

Immortal fish picture

One aquarium: The tall height 趐 that Egypt immortal should raise exceeds thirty centimeter above
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