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Of different fish raise basic acknowledge

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The basic 認 of 1 異 form knows

Be in early 20 worlds 紀 is earlier, the 時 that the 風 of 飼 養 剛 of 觀 賞 魚 goes, or the 異 body that place of the 魚 販 that 許 is Proterozoic, bazaar can see is 體 碩 of 調of 單 of 現 of watch of big, colour taste 種, so 當 時 並 does not have somebody to notice 這 some ordinary 魚 種, the aquatic animals 業 till heart 國 person 為 look for 尋 the 種 of functional sex 魚 of the 質 of content having 機 such as 餌 of the alga 類 in crock of OK and cleared 魚 , 殘 , just slowly notice 這 a flock of OK and adsorptive in withered wood, petrosal special 別 魚 種.

Of 類 of 魚 of 2 鯰 division know 識 roughly

At present 歸 類 looks in 鯰 (Siluriformes) the appraise 計 約 with the rough 類 of 鯰 division 魚 below has 500 種 (among them 還 includes what 許 did not name more to taste 種) , all over the world 1 萬 of appraise 計 is in the fresh water 魚 of much 種 the biggest a flock of one of, look with respect to the 來 that divide 類 , 約 of current 鯰 division 魚 is divided into 31 divisions 400 屬 , 約 2200 much 種, among them sea 鯰 division (Ariidae) division of 與 鰻 鯰 (Plotosidae) outside 為 seawater 魚 , its 餘 all 為 fresh water (it is OK that the part tastes 種 進 enters soda water inside the country) ; Its 實 has 關 the cent 類 at 類 of 鯰 division 魚 , by 龐 of quantity of 數 of Wu Wu 種 異 of big, branch is spent tall, do not have 決 having solution all the time so, its biggest 爭 議 還 is the mutual 關 in each division 間 係 and lie between by geographical 區 , the poor 異 that parallel evolution place causes, or the 態 轉 變 that is 個 體 itself.

現 is in exclusive 較 can what 確 decides is, current 鯰 魚 distributings to be mixed at 熱 帶 centrally mostly 區 of ground of 亞 熱 帶 , distributing with the 亞 austral 東 of South America 與 among them most 豐, 數 amount is maximum also, and fall in 較 the ground 區 裡 of after, ? 魚 also is the edible 魚 with 當 indispensable ground.

Different fish picture

Different fish picture

3 異 form is summarized

絕 mostly the 異 form of 數 is 類 of bottom 棲 魚 , and peculiar mouth implement the character with 與 strong 堅 board, make his 們 can give birth to 長 to be in 難 of other 魚 種 with surviving 險 condition, the ten split phase of 環 condition that its live allow 與 of major 現 of colour appearance of 異 form 體, make the colour of 異 form expresses 現 mostly by 調of 認 為 單 變 of drab, lack is changed, but the performs 進 and city 場 requirement that 隨 writes 採 market pattern, the 魚 種 of 麗 of 華 of 現 of watch of 許 polychromatic colour is in 這 is close 10 來 year not of 斷 by 發 現, because of this 許 look of much person 對 異 changes 觀 at this point. Geographical distributinging respect, rectify region of river of 遜 of 馬 of 個 South America 亞 to all have 異 look distributing, most boreal 還 but outspread add 與 to the Gesidali of central america cling to take 馬; 異 look is much with water medium alga 類 為 is fed, the part becomes feeding habits of 雜 of 為 of 轉 of 體 時 會 , so 為 the 營 養 in can absorbing food effectively, the 腸 of 牠 們 the 長 of photograph 當 , the tooth 齒 with the hard 堅 in tasting 種 mouth partly even is OK 幫 aids 牠 們 gnaws the 頭 that eat wood or carrion.
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