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The important segment that tropical fish raises

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Pisciculture raises water first, to us aquatic animals box is a decoration in the home only, and to piscine fish: Aquatic animals box is everything their, seem our world, water is the environment that they live, and in these a lot of elements, water is warm it is most important one link undoubtedly: Raise tropical fish that is to say -

The first important is temperature. And to temperature I think two facets are most important, it is lukewarm change of day-to-day water lukewarm control and water above all, according to my experience, generally speaking piscicultural water is warm should control in 25 degrees, want to be controlled to 28 degrees even to the fish of some breed (like 7 colour) , and the water warm end of tropical fish is restricted is 22 degrees, water is warm cannot the bottom also shoulds not be long-term at this floor level on the low side of course, some fish also can be in 22 degrees to live below, I once bred in 18 degrees or so the success crosses a peacock, but the prelarva that breed goes no matter from end of color, bodily form model wait for a lot of respect cannot as lukewarm as normal water the look that next breed give is compared! Although tropical fish can be in,so my verdict that give is Wen Zhongsheng puts inferior water to breed even, but this meeting is mixed to their health the influence with progenitive very large generation! ! !

Oneself water is warm all the year round constant in 26 Celsius, my fish never has gotten white spot disease almost, a high quality constant temperature that is worth reliance implement still need. Next, the maintenance of the change with warm water and temperature. Well-known, a very main job in pisciculture is accord changes water, and changing water is to cause the water inside the crock however lukewarm change suddenly, fish unwell, cause ill the most important segment even, if the water lukewarm change inside the crock does not want,change water from beginning to end too big (do not exceed 2 to spend commonly) , this is a fish can what oneself suit is highest be restricted, my practice is: Will new water heats taller than temperature of the water inside the crock for a time, so new water joins the inside very can fast aquarium temperature inside the crock to keep consistent, won't create a fish go to the bad! A bit superficial view, give advice or comments please!

The 2nd it is acid-base value. The acid-base value of water is the concentration that pH indicator contains in pointing to water, express in application with PH, PH7 is neuter, be more than 7 for alkalescent, be less than 7 for acidity. The size that PH is worth is affecting a fish unripe immortal work. The soil of original birthplace belongs to tropical fish laterite soil, small acidity, the humus in together with the earth's surface, water is more, it is small acidity water commonly, so most tropical fish asks PH6 - the water of 7. Of course, a lot of breed courses are long-term raise artificially had gotten used to small alkalescent water quality. In the resource talking about water of our country, belong to small alkalescent water quality commonly, but north slants alkaline, south slants acerbity. The country of origin of all sorts of tropical fish is different, the water quality of be fond of is endless also and same. Generally speaking, south America produces all sorts of viewing and admire the fish likes acidity water quality, the tropical fish that Africa produces likes alkalescent water quality, the tropical fish of southeast Asia area agrees with neuter water quality. The part is cheap the time that tropical fish raises because of humanness labour is longer, stronger to the comfortable stress of water quality, but if a lot of high-grade fish raise the acid-base value that uses water to not agree with, grow very hard good, even get killed, 7 colour immortal is typical. The dog young whale with large additionally medium fish although constitution Zhuang Shuo, water was mixed do not be afraid of, but arrived in alkalescent water cannot pass how to long be met get killed. As a whole, buck fish and neuter water fish are OK survive in inferior acidity water quality grow, but the fish in acidity water quality survives very hard in buck. But this is not absolutely.
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