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View and admire piscine breed aquatics to succeed 12 action

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Pisciculture is successful 12 action

, aquatic animals box / wood is worn

The container that raises actually does not finality box of aquatic animals of be confined to, want to be able to install water only, raise a container of a few fish to all can say for aquarium, the aquatic animals box that pledges for material with glass commonly is the commonnest the raise Yo recipient that reach, differ because of what water estimates demand again and have vitreous ply and aggrandizement difference, ply of box of common diminutive aquatic animals is in more 3~5mm, ply of box of large aquatic animals is 5~12mm about, large aquarium is measured because of water, think hydraulicly Ying Yijiang changes glass relatively safe. Aquarium of the force that press a gram has material to pledge light, safety is reached relatively the flexibility of beautiful, in the special modelling aquarium with a few spruce flowers (be like quadrature model, round pillar, bullet... . ) all use ability of the power that press a gram to pledge; But itself of the force that press a gram produces pulverization easily, reach when cleaning easy scratch, affect its beautiful. The volume of aquatic animals box is with the stage feet is an unit commonly, a feet is 30 centimeter about. The length that the computational way that water measures is aquarium (Cm)* width (Cm)* height (Cm) is divided again with 1000 be able to the total water quantity that liter is an unit; Except with 4000 be able to gallon is measured for the total water of the unit (need to recoup a ground arenaceous scenery place is built to occupy bulk water to measure in reaching water, answer to add its water capacity) like the buy outside having or bottom filter. Wooden wearing cent is able to bear or endure to stick skin, beauty board reach the Qi Duo that bake to plant, its pattern is more various, the difference on the price is mostly what reach a form character in material is divisional, answer on the choose and buy with can bearing the weight of the gross weight of aquarium of a replete water is preferential think, most avoid with a few modelling beautiful but bear the tea table with insufficient intensity or bookcase place aquarium.

2, filter of the system phyletic

In breed aquatics process, because water quality is metabolism of incomplete bait, biology, individual die... . . What can cause water quality is exasperate, as the breakthrough on pisciculture technology, filter innovate somewhat on systematic design, can divide roughly for:

1. is bottom billow board filters: With aquarium bottom the arenaceous material that it is filter, crocks the beard when be being cleaned only is full arenaceous turn over agitate

Filter of 2. sponge biochemistry: The hole on biochemical cotton can adhere to for many nitration bacterium, have stable water quality the effect

The filter in 3. water: Gas filters in order to sink in the water that water motor sponge comprises, applicable and small-sized aquarium

4. upside filter: The price is low, clean convenient, yi Ke collocation chooses any filter material
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