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Of fry of red horse Liu choose a method

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When just when the whole world is lifted,raising arhat fish, thai breeds yield results in work to spill lovely the Gong Maliu breed with as interactive as the person very strong sex, after this kind of fish arrives at the mainland special suffer the player that loves to raise arhat fish to dote on, because this develops one remaining part,can raising the arhat with an one very perfect end is the `` that a lot of players long for day and night conspicuous Gong Maliu also is very other person very those who have a headache, red Ma Shuxin gives birth to breed, raise him to have his original place, so everybody is known together with me and raise Gong Maliu please.

Of red horse fry choose:

Choosing one end to be able to give the arhat fish of flood head is the target of every fish friend, but one remaining part picks in the fry of a few workpoint each respect is satisfactory still is very difficult, what fry grows is about the same, needed to everybody looks attentively and be compared so after affirmatory breed.

1 choose to approve piscine build together bigger do not have misshapen fish partly each with the body,

In the fry that be the same as a nest, the fish is more, feed through raising feed, the person that breed is feeding the fish that in some always can appearing not to grab food to because all sorts of reasons will be in the day after tomorrow,perhaps grow in feeding, got restrict, these fish are the old man fish that common weighs, also call leather fish to wait, compare other fish build commonly the head of lesser ` mouth and eye resembles small knife a bit, and the body is lighter. Because these fish did not absorb sufficient nutrition in one's childhood, so these fish are brought up very hard give state, we were not necessary to waste time on these piscine bodies, choice build compares great piscine convention to call a head the fish, that is to say these fish are in the nutrition in growing is enough, the person that belong to a head, won't be atttacked by other fish commonly on the body ` the body is so departmental it is very complete.

2. Bodily form bounty, the mouth and eye distance are shorter, head dummy bounty becomes semicircular fish.

The piscine friend that has had successful education to give flood head knows, the fish with wide bodily form is the optimal education object of education, gong Maliu and other fish differ during the seedling, color becomes green gray, head dummy is semicircle, this also is everybody spend his classify for gold the main reason of the department.

3. The eye is sunken inside operculum, color is talk about yellow or slant white eye fish

Sunken eye is the feature that red horse and whole gold flower are a fish, if eye protruding is outside operculum, so this fish is not Gong Maliu certainly, ten million should notice everybody this a little bit.

4. Audacious, do not have a line, mo Ban the fish of a line.

Raise a courage to compare big fish to be able to give feeder leave out a lot of troubles, special in move crock or change environmental fish can be rapid get used to new environment, shorten thereby piscine sense of urgency, this also is the germ of piscine go to the bad. The Mo Ban of red Ma Youyu and other arhat fish have certain distinction, what I think Mo Ban mixes a purer seedling to use brush besmear truly to go up is same, the brim does not have administrative levels feeling, just present the paillette with an orchid dim color in scale brim, in the fish the Mo Ban in growing ceaselessly can become weak slowly, final Mo Ban becomes state of dim big grain, mo Ban is disconnect. Appear big shading can present a route when the line in.
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