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Of Gong Maliu raise a note

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1, of aquarium put with the environment all round.

Raise Gong Maliu to must look for a quiet environment to raise, there cannot be intense and noisy voice inside aquarium, red horse courage is smaller, must as far as possible reduce a fish to feel to the fear all round. Must not leave suddenly in the evening especially the lamp and call dot to still pat dozen of aquarium, otherwise you are possible all one's previous efforts wasted, additional of aquarium putting also is very important, the red horse that my friend breeds all the time out of order, as a result I discover he is put by of TV, the voice of TV makes a fish urgent all the time, changed positional hind fish also gradually condition improves rise

2, aquarium wants as far as possible big, water deep

Red horse has been mentioned in front lively good east, such we are about to provide space of his enough put to good use as far as possible, the size fish friend that speaks of a crock often notices length, and oversight width and deepness, the fish also wants face about, not pure it is Gong Maliu, water level raises the piscine head specified number that come out higher bigger, position is better. Depth of water the safe touch that can add a fish.

The picture admires Gong Maliu

Appreciation of picture of red horse Liu

3, red of the laid inside aquarium is natural the bottom is sanded, use gules and dim illumination.

I am in in raising Gong Maliu, discover red background sand and red light have the function that guides color to the fish. Accordingly we use vesuvianite of natural and gules stone commonly. And a few coral sand regards raise piscicultural as the bottom sanded, on one hand beautification aquarium, on the other hand these material have good nitrify bacterium function is developed inside the crock, increase the PH in water, attention: Must use the sand end natural look, must not use colored stone. The red horse of more gorgeous ` that red light can make the fish is behaved does not like strong light the TFC light that I use Taiwan, this kind of lamplight is not very strong as it happens gets used to red horse, absolutely can Gong Magong lubricious gorgeous reservation comes down.

4, change water to use long the water quality inside cruel gas and aquarium as far as possible identical the water that crosses tiredly

Everybody knows pisciculture raises water first, gong Maliu this kind of fish is not exceptional also, the fish after some fish friend always mirrors them to change water with respect to out of order a few days, these piscine friend are in basically aquarium bottom laid the bottom is sanded, the water inside such crocks is worth through changing the PH of water circularly and and electric conduction is spent etc. It is OK that cruel in tired water jar gas increases corresponding bottom sand as far as possible make like the index inside the crock, what do not know numerical value is OK will finish with the tool, if PH checks a pen, wait with test dose.
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